Saturday, August 9, 2014

Seward County Fair of 2014

The Seward County Fair is in full swing. We met Carolyn and Sadie in the Ag Pavilion this evening for the Accordion Jamboree. The music didn't seem to "turn her on" to the extent we thought it might. John Bloomenberg's train set-up was of more interest to her. We went down about 3:00pm, looked at the big John Deere equipment, the rib roaster (Old pick-up truck engine), and all the displays in the Ag Pavilion. That included buying a couple crosses from the Cross Makers, having Blueberry Pie from St. Vincent's booth, and doing a lot of visiting. One of our most interesting visits was with a fellow representing a candidate for whom we won't be voting. 
He and his wife had been students at Concordia in the late '50's and continue to have close contact with some of the boys that were housed with us during those days. As we talked further we learned that his wife was the daughter of Harold Hummel, one of Nebraska's earliest producer of warm season Native Grass seed. We actually had some seed from him at the time we did our first seeding. We also enjoyed visiting with his wife who was working in another booth. Even though Sadie wasn't as impressed with the accordion music as we thought she might be, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Frank Hronik does a good job of leading it. Ed Svoboda and Dennis Pelan from Seward, also play with the group. 

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