Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grandkids then-some Grandparents now

I could have written about the 55-7 Nebraska win over Florida Atlantic in Lincoln this afternoon and shown a picture of Jordan Westerkamp's behind the back pass catch, but figured that will be all over the sports highlights. Instead, I pulled out this picture that was taken several years ago of cousins out at their grandparents farm. The front (l-r) are Jon, Sandy, MaryBeth, (neighbor girl), and Becky. Middle row is Kathy, Carolyn and Laurie. Back row is Verlon, Terry and Tim. We were back from Virginia for our annual visit which we all enjoyed. Our visits included both my family and Elaine's in addition to SCS offices, Church's and friends. They were busy times. Occasionally we drove it "straight through" which was very demanding. Elaine wasn't able to sleep very well in the station wagon so would drive the "turnpike" during the dead of the night while I slept. We were pleased when the Interstate Highway System was completed which made the trip much easier. Those visits were very important, and I'm pleased that we made every one of them. 

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