Monday, August 11, 2014

Carolyn's Birthday

Elaine and I helped Carolyn celebrate her birthday today. Even on her big day she was able to do us a favor by buying a 3-way bulb for our reading lamp, while doing her shopping. While it would be nice to have the 3 boys and their families closer, it is such a benefit of having Carolyn here. And, that also means that Ben, Julie, John and Sadie are also here, which we call our "Seward Family". Sadie and Ben each had birthdays last week and Verlon's will be this coming Sunday. Work has begun on an addition to the Seward Memorial Hospital. It will "enclose" the street view that we still have of the original building as it appeared when Carolyn was born there. I remember Dr. Carr telling me we had "a little girl" as he walked through the waiting room.
This was Carolyn's Birthday Cake when she was 4 years old. The picture was taken in the back yard (play area) of our house at 604 N. 5th Street. For the past several years, Carolyn and Ben have lived  about 3 blocks up 5th Street from there. Little did she suspect as a 4year old, that she would be moving to Lincoln within a few years and then to Arlington, VA when she was eight. She went through College in Boone, NC, lived and worked there for a period after graduating and came back to Nebraska about the same time we did. She added a degree and teachers credentials from Concordia to her education as well as a Masters Degree from UN-L. And, enjoyed a very successful career as an elementary teacher here in Seward. Though we were responsible for moving her around as a youngster, she was very adept at making fiends and adjusting to change. We are most pleased to see the happiness that she and Ben share along with all the pleasure that daughter Julie, John and now Sadie have brought to her, and to us. I had no idea of how big a part of my life she would become when Dr. Carr said "we had a little girl".

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