Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sadie ready to be 2 Years Old

This is the way Sadie looked yesterday after she and her Mother's visit to our house and she was buckled in her car seat as they were going home. She is holding a little paper sack with a key chain chicken inside and saying "cheese" for the camera. Tomorrow will be her second birthday. She already told us that she was going to be 2. Being with her is always an inspiration because it causes us to look and think about the future. Sorting out old files as I did again this afternoon, has just the opposite effect. There is no reason to keep or even go through all my City Council and Groundwater Guardian files. But, I went through many of them and saved the paper clips. I wouldn't want son Jon to know but I even saved some of the paper that had a blank side. It was interesting to note that I received (and kept) more correspondence on my efforts to get a City Ordinance on doggie dung than any other issue.

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