Friday, August 8, 2014

Old Friends Fade Away

This was a card we received from Bev Smith during the Holiday Season of 2008. It was thanking us for the "messages" we had forwarded to her during the year and her wishes for more in 2009. Unfortunately, Bev was stricken with serious health problems and died without sending additional messages. This, and other notes from her have remained on our computer with some even transferred from our old Gateway 2000. Bev was a fellow SCS employee. She had gone to D.C. to work for the Navy Department after graduating from  Waverly, NE High School and came back to Lincoln to work for SCS in '61. When I learned of my being transferred to D.C. in '62, she became a valuable source of information about the area. She was married that spring, and we went to the Wedding Dance. She and her husband were good friends over the years, and we always enjoyed their company at Retiree events. In addition to cleaning out old paper files, I am also cleaning out and reorganizing my computer files. It was with sadness and yet  happy memories, that I deleted the Bev Smith file today. Social media has enabled us to maintain contact with many old friends that might not have been done earlier. Since our closest friends are usually those with whom we share common interest, it is only natural that our circle of friends is constantly changing. However, family relationships are forever. 

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