Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sadie and I at Play

        Sadie and I may be years apart in age, but we are much closer in interest and love of each other. I probably spoil her in letting her play with any of my electronic toys but she certainly has a compelling interest in all of them. Her folks stopped by with her after lunch and told of getting her a new bed. It's one that she can get in and out of by herself. She was excited telling us about it. Her folks have a monitor to check on her and reports are that she didn't stay in the new bed very long, but got up and spent her hour and a half nap time singing and playing with things in her room. Then John took her swimming on this warmest day all week. While their visit was the highlight of the day, we bought groceries and visited with Carolyn about her canning of tomatoes. 
        I did make a bit of progress in my writing of, "My Career with the SCS" by going through my personnel folder and listing all the dates and positions in which I served. I also listed the Grade level and salary of each as I went into the job. Federal employees today would be surprised at how many years I worked, the number of positions I held, and the number of moves we made, before receiving a 5 figure annual salary. 

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