Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our son and his Boat

The Richmond Times-Dispatch did a neat story on our son Verlon's building a 14-foot wooden sailboat in the living room of his Boulevard apartment. It was published in the recreation section of today's paper. Here is a portion of the story: "A native of Nebraska, Vrana moved to Washington, D.C. when he was 11 and came to art school at Richmond Professional Institute — now Virginia Commonwealth University — in the 1960s. He’s been living and working here ever since.
He’s been a kite maker since childhood, teaching classes on the subject around town and displaying his kites at the Science Museum of Virginia." Verlon called last night and let us know of the story being published today. He is using the publicity to hopefully get a "kids" boat building organization started in Richmond. He is aware of such "clubs" in other locations. I happened to have the Kiwanis website open on my laptop when he called and was able to give him information on a 200 member Kiwanis Club in his area. It might make them another good project.

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