Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taking Notes

I am a “note taker” when involved in presentations where something is said that I want to be certain to remember. It may stem from having gone to college after my memory had began to decline or because of keeping my Daily Journal and not wanting to miss anything “important”. It was encouraged in a “Memory class” where we were told that it helped to remember the names of people we were introduced to if we looked them in the eye, repeated their name after hearing it, and then, writing it down at the first opportunity. Many of the notes taken while serving on various boards or committees are never referred to, but the process of taking them makes me a better listener and writing them down helps “cement” them in my memory. A recent note taken was of Monsignor Liam Barr's quote of Pope Francis at the Wedding of Ethan McWilliams and Alicia Bargen in Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Lincoln. The Pope made this comment in Rome on May 4, 2013 while reflecting on Christians maturing in their faith and not remaining teenagers for life. The Pope was quoted as having said: “We are victim's of the trend that directs us toward the temporary”, and then Monsignor Barr followed up with his own comment that “Authentic love is forever”. These are the kind of words in a wedding ceremony that are worthy of being embroidered with purple thread on white linen, framed, and hung on the bedroom wall. Most of my notes are not as impressive. 

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