Monday, August 18, 2014

A Great from the Greatest Generation

Chris brought a most interesting friend along out for coffee this morning. Max had lived in Seward for several years back in the '30s when his Dad worked at the Seward City Mills. They moved to Lincoln in '39 after his sophomore year at SHS. The picture shows them looking at his class picture in an old Annual. Max finished HS at Lincoln High and got a degree in Engineering from UN-L. He went into the Army Air Force and flew B-17's. He told of some harrowing flights as a 22 year-old commander of a crew of 9.  They were eventually shot down and landed in neutral Switzerland which held them as POW's. He escaped and after spending some time with the French underground, found his was back to England and was sent back to USA. He went on to have an illustrious career with General Motors being headquartered all over the world. After some retirement years in California, he and his wife came back to Lincoln to be near their daughter and granddaughter. He and his wife have celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary. I hope he enjoyed his visit back to the town of his youth half as much as we enjoyed his stories. He is one of the greats from the "Greatest Generation"

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