Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kudos to the Extension Service

The Seward County Fair opened this evening at 5:30. It will run through Sunday and finish with a Demo Derby in front of a new Grandstand. We went down to join the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the USDA Extension Service. Elaine worked for the Seward County Agent (now called "Educator") from May of 1947, after graduating from SHS, until July 1, 1950 when our oldest child was on his way. My work with the USDA Soil Conservation Service was closely related so we have always had a close relationship with the Extension Service. During my years with the Soil and Water Conservation Society, I had a close relationship with the Head of Extension in D.C. and met with him in his Office a couple times in regard to Grants for studies which we did. The Extension Service is part of the Land Grant College System and has had a vital role in making our Agricultural Systems what they are today. During my Washington days with SCS, I used to "kid" Elaine that the Extension Service were "masters" at shifting and expanding their Mission to keep them in business, as the number of farms declined in the Country. That "expansion" was well demonstrated as we reviewed a portion of the exhibits this evening. 4-H programs are now available to all young people. The range of programs seems to include anything that will help kids learn to be better citizens.  What I had "kidded" Elaine about is really a blessing. The Agency and especially the local Extension Service Staffs are to be congratulated for how they have grown during their 100 years.

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