Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sadie's 2nd Birthday Party

John and Julie hosted a dinner this evening for Sadie's second birthday. Included were Carolyn & Ben, Jerry & Bev and Tony & Elaine. Sadie sat at the Head of the Table and was definitely the "star of the show". She enjoyed her roasting ear by eating it just like the rest of us. Her control of a fork is very good as she picks up strawberries and puts them in her mouth. When the Birthday Cake was served, she really got excited. Singing "Happy Birthday" once wasn't enough since she wanted to "again". Her folks had to help her to separate her fingers to flash the two. The lighted candles were special, getting them blown out
 was a bit of a challenge; she might have had help from Dad. After eating birthday cake with ice cream and singing "again" and "again", the gift opening began. One of the first was a toy accordion with about 8 keys for the right hand and 2 base keys for the left. She seems to like accordion music and will probably be at the County Fair on Saturday evening for the Accordion Jamboree. The little "grocery" shopping cart was just her size which she enjoyed loading up and pushing all around. Her biggest gift was a play "store" that was built by Grandma and Grandpa with shelves where various items could be placed. It even included a cash register. There were other gifts including some educational items. I can't help but reflect on the changes that have taken place since our kids were small. And, we thought they were being given a lot in comparison to what we had as kids. 

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