Friday, August 22, 2014

Conflict in "River City"

This was the Fellowship Hall of the Presbyterian Church in Seward until about a year ago when it became the Chamber of Commerce's "Olde Glory" Theatre. This week it became the equivalent of a court room. The hearing was held for the City  Council (serving as a jury) to determine if  there was sufficient cause for the Mayor to terminate the City Administrator as he proposed to do earlier this year. The Mayor (who is a lawyer) was represented by legal counsel as was the City Administrator. Numerous City employees were questioned along with a few local business people.
After hearing the nearly 2 days of testimony and due deliberation, the Council found no supportable cause to terminate Baker's contract which runs to this coming December. The Mayor has been quoted as saying that he doesn't plan to reappoint Baker. The Mayor is completing his first 4 year term or office and is running unopposed (at this time) for reelection. The Council also determined that Baker and City Department Heads participate in mediation training and that Baker would take a course in Listening Skills, Interpersonal Relationships and "nonconfrontational directives to employees". A pay raise which had been withheld was reinstated. This has not been Seward's "Finest Hour". 

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