Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flowerday Meat Grinder

This is a continuation of my May 7, 2014 blog on Elaine and the Flowerday Meat Grinder. Earlier this week she decided to sell it to Dave who asked her to sign the board which she had just done. He also asked if she would write some of her memories of its use. This was an interesting exercise for her, and it brought back many memories. She talks on the phone to her brother Dale about once a week and the conversation usually involves something they did as kids growing up on the farm. Dale went on to get his PhD in Agronomy at UN-L and at 87, is still doing some hail insurance adjusting work a few days a week. Dale had an illustrious career with the University, Pioneer Hybrid, and as a private consultant. He has received numerous honors which included being recognized by the membership of the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement for special Honors a couple years ago. Dale was advisor to many PhD Agronomy majors and was known for his sense of humor by all of his students. Elaine shared many of the same genes and attributes as Dale which I have enjoyed and appreciated.  This is what she wrote for Dave to go along with the meat grinder:

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