Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seward United Methodist Church

We had services back in the sanctuary of the Seward United Methodist Church this morning. This was the first time since January 19th of this year. It was recognized at that time there were water problems near the organ. As repairs began, mold was discovered under the whole chancel area. The problems stemmed from water in the heating and air conditioning system. Other problems were uncovered along the way which are being resolved. We are pleased to be back after being in Fellowship Hall and look forward to again having organ music for services.  This is the most visible renovation since the Church was build back in the late '60's with the first services held on September 21, 1969. My folks were very active members at that time and if they were alive today, Mother would be pleased with all the changes. Even when she reached 90, she was more amenable to change than some of us. She probably wouldn't even question the removal of the Lectern  and the scripture readings being done from the Pulpit. After all, the Preacher doesn't stay in it anymore anyway, but moves about in his presentation of the sermon. My Dad never accepted change as readily so I'm trying to be more like my Mother.

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