Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Drink on the Deck

After another 90 degree day, a cold front came through this evening which made it very comfortable out on the deck. It was a quiet day with Church early this morning, the Royals getting beat by the Rangers and Hunter Mahan winning the Barclay's. We were rooting for Jim Furyk but that was not to be. We didn't even participate in Social Hour following Church this morning. Last evening while eating a big Red Plum, I exerted considerable pressure on my upper front teeth to extract the seed. I got the seed but also one of my crowns. It gives me a "Gravel Gertie" appearance. We probably wouldn't have even gone to Church had I not made a commitment to announce that my good friend, Charlie was having hip surgery this morning at Bryan in Lincoln.  Tonight we are watching a program on "The Tower of London". It brings back memories of our visit there some years ago. Hopefully, I can get into see our Dentist early in the morning, and he can "glue" the crown back in place. Having a drink on the deck was our highlight of the day.

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