Thursday, August 21, 2014

Flower Baskets on City Lamp Post

The Cattle National Bank and Trust Main Building contributes to the appeal of our downtown business district. Located on the "Courthouse Square", the 15-year old facility blends very well with the early 20th Century buildings. The customer parking area is "adorned" with flower baskets on the two city street lights in the area. A large planter is in bloom near the north entrance. The First Impressions Committee of the Chamber of Commerce has encouraged similar treatment by other businesses, but it hasn't caught on. The City has holders on many of the downtown lamp poles on which flags are displayed for various Holidays.  Seward has been recognized as the "4th of July City" so the display of flags has been very traditional. While it wouldn't be impossible to have both flags and flowers on the same poles, it would complicate things. The poles are also used to display parking information, etc. The flags are put up by various volunteer organizations and can be done by a tall person from the sidewalk. It also takes the private commitment of business owners to keep the flowers watered, etc. So instead of making things difficult with the City, it seems best just to recognize and honor those like CNB who do have beautiful flower baskets. 

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