Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sadie, Gran Dad & Monkey

Elaine and I had the pleasure of having Sadie at our house for a few hours this morning. She likes her little Monkey and plays with dominoes and other toys but "electronic devices" are her favorite. I'm not sure, but it may have something to do with Great Grandparents letting her play with things that may be Off Limits at home. She helped take this picture in "Photo Booth". It's amazing how quickly she learns that different buttons make different sounds and cause various things to happen. I wonder how that "interactive" learning compares with reading words from a printed page. Most of us men don't read instructions until we run into a problem after exhausting our trial and error system. Fortunately, it seems that much of today's electronic equipment is "geared for trial and error". Years ago, if you pushed the wrong button, things could be damaged; but manufacturers have come to our aid and now even a 20-month-old girl can do little harm. (At least not at the Great Grandparents House). 

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  1. Precious picture! You should print it and frame it will always be a treasure for you as well as for her!