Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seward Fairgrounds Grandstands

The concrete footings have been in place for several days and now the steel superstructure is going up for the new grandstand down at the Seward City Park. It is being constructed on the same site as the two former grandstands. The house where I was born and lived my first 6+ years was just across the RR track from the park and grandstand area. When I was about 6 years old, my sister and I would take our coaster wagon over to the old wooden grandstand and coast down the steps. Needless to say it was bumpy. During the mid forties, a high wind on the 4th of July took the roof off the grandstand but it lived on without a top. When I played baseball with Seward in 1953 in the Cornhusker League, one of my fellow outfielders took off during a game when he heard his young son calling for help as  he hung on the edge of the Grandstand 25' off the ground and rescued him. A cement block grandstand was built during the 60's and was demolished during the past winter to make room for the new structure. We all like to see the safety features and benefits of new structures like this but have to rely on our pictures and memories to recall the happy days when our buildings may have been old but our activities were all new. Now our buildings may be new but----.

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