Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chicago Cubs vs St Louis Cardinals

We are watching the ESPN coverage of the Cubs vs the Cardinals tonight form Wrigley Field which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. It brought back memories of a trip my brother Don, Ed Pollak and I made to Chicago back in 1948. We left Seward after work, drove all night and saw the NY Yankees beat the White Sox 4-2 that afternoon in old Comensky Park. We went to a Railroad Fair on the Lake Shore and stayed in the Stevens Hotel for $10.50. The next day we got the radio in my '41 Chevy fixed and saw the Cardinals beat the Cubs 4-1 in Wrigley Field where this picture was taken. Cub players included "Peanuts" Lowery, Phil Cavarretta, Andy Pafko, Roy Smalley, Gene Mauch, etc. Cardinal players included: Red Schoendienst, Marty Marion, Stan Musial, Ron Northey, Terry Moore, Del Rice with Harry (The Cat) Brecheen pitching. The attendance for this Friday, September 24, 1948, game was 5,480.  (It's amazing how much information is available on the Internet that augments my Diaries) We left for home right after the game. We went through Wisconsin,  Minnesota and home after driving 1,420 miles. It was a good trip and the first opportunity we had to see Major League baseball games. The best part was taking Elaine to the Bee Bazaar the night that we got home. 

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