Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

On Saturday morning Elaine and I performed our traditional family responsibility of putting flowers on the graves of family members who were buried in the Seward Cemetery. That enabled us to spend the day in a leisure manner. The “tone” was set when I noticed that Elaine left her shirt tail out so I decided to do the same as shown on this picture of us this morning. For many of the past few years, golf has been an important part of the day but that's not a factor anymore. As I reflect back on Memorial Day Holidays and the 3-day weekends, we have spent them in interesting ways. When we were back in Washington, D.C. it often involved a baseball game. On Memorial Day in 1965 we bought a new '65 Chevy Station Wagon.

 During the years our kids were in college we were often involved in helping them move home or to where they may be working for the summer. After we retired and moved back to Nebraska we still helped Jon's with a move and took furniture back to Tim's in '89. Helping Aunt Ethel decorate extended family graves was an event over several years. In 1997 we, Carolyn and Julie were on a 10 Country Tour of Europe and missed the whole Holiday. In addition to golf the past several years, it has been the weekend that I switch winter to summer clothes in my closet. This year I did it with my shirt tail out and did very little else.

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