Friday, May 9, 2014

Elaine's "Flower-a-day"

Our Persian Lilacs have bloomed better this year than normal; however our French Lilac produced the few blooms that I brought in to Elaine this morning for Mother's Day. The lack of bloom may be the result of some of last summer's pruning but I thought I knew what I was doing. Isn't the bloom always on 2nd. year growth. Our Iris are doing quite well and our tulips, daffodils, and jonquils all did very well earlier this spring. The Peonies are coming along fast and hopefully will be in full bloom for Memorial Day. We did do some plant shopping but only bought a few Salvia. We went to a couple places and decided that maybe prices might come down after Mother's Day. We get used to paying the price for things we buy frequently but when we only buy plants and shrubs once a year, we are always shocked at the price. I did spend a couple hours working out in the back year and concluded it was easier for an old man to play golf than work in the yard. I may have to learn to just sit down and rest frequently like a person is able to do while riding to the next shot in a golf cart. 

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