Friday, May 16, 2014

Climbing Black Eyed Susan

Carolyn has established a tradition of giving Elaine a potted plant of some type for Mother's Day. A couple years ago it was a Black Eyed Susan climbing vine. Last year it was a Hanging Basket so we bought an Orange  flowered vine and planted it where the one had done so well the year before. Needless to say, it didn't measure up and this year Carolyn gave her another Black Eyed Susan. Since we are planning on some upgrading of the deck this summer, it didn't seem appropriate to plant this one near the deck where the others have been planted. Carolyn also mentioned having the trellis shown in the picture and I had the steel post to support it, so with Elaine's help, we got the trellis firmly placed, chicken wire up for the vine to climb on and the plant carefully put in the ground and watered. While out taking the picture, I realized that when you put up a trellis with horizontal bars against a brick house, you should step back and see if it's level according to the mortar lines between the bricks.
Hopefully, the vine will grow rapidly and the slight tilt of the trellis will not be noticeable. We bought some plants yesterday and hoped to put them in baskets and the flowerbed today but with 30 degrees last night and frost warnings again for tonight, decided to keep them in the house. We think the stored heat in the brick house and the hardiness of the Black Eyed Susan will get it past any possible frost. Our high temperature today was in the 50's but it appears that we will be getting some warmer weather soon. It is good to see on the Drought Monitor Map that Seward County is no longer in a drought category after our 4 1/2 inch rain last Sunday.

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