Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day in Seward

Elaine and my families both go back over 100 years in the Seward Community, and there are many buried in the Seward Cemeteries. We continue the family tradition of "decorating" the graves ,for Memorial Day but have limited the number. Parents, Grandparents, Siblings are a must with a few cousins, Aunts and Uncles included. One of the Cousins is Kenneth C. Walker. Kenney was the oldest son of Uncle Clarence and Aunt Edith. His Mother, Aunt Edith died when he was about 5 years old and along with his younger brother Roger and sister Marjorie was raised by Uncle Clarence's sister, Dorothy. Kenney was one of the first of my cousins to receive a college degree, taught Voc Ag and went on to become a salesman for a Veterinarian supply firm. He married Ruth in 1953 and they had 3 sons, Randy, Ronald & Russel. Unfortunately, Kenney got caught in a Minnesota blizzard and lost his life as a result of repercussions from the incident. We are particularly indebted to his son Randy who made it possible for us to see the Minnesota Twins play the New York Yankees at Target Field in Minneapolis on May 26,  2010. That allowed me to say that I had seen Major League baseball games in all 30 current parks. (I haven't been to the new park now in Miami). Randy was very gracious in picking us up at the Motel, escorting us to the subway station and the ballpark and back to our room. We had breakfast with his Mother the next morning but will never forget their hospitality and assistance.

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