Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tony and Charlie at the Seward Golf Course

Charlie and I got out to the Golf Course this afternoon. No!! we didn't play 18 holes, in fact we didn't play any holes. What we did was get a bag of balls and go to the driving range with a Club Cart. I hit several balls on the driving range with various clubs and did a little chipping and putting at the putting green. Our main objective was just to get out there, drive around and check things out. The grass on the course is in great shape. We were too late for most of the spring blooming trees. Some of the perennials are showing good growth and the leaves are coming out on most of the trees. I was flattered by Jerry who pulled up in the cart next to us and asked if I was interested in substituting for him this afternoon in the 3:00pm League. I thanked him for asking.

When I first started playing golf some 20 years ago, I often rode with John. He had planted a Red Oak Tree in memory of one of our other golfing buddie's Grandson who died with Leukemia. The tree was midway between the Club House and the Cart Shed. It was also "out of the range" of any of the sprinkler system so John would frequently carry a bucket of water to the tree on his way to get the cart. The tree did well and is a beautiful specimen today. John died unexpectedly a few years later following heart surgery. The next spring I transplanted  this Blue Spruce that I am standing by as a memorial to John. Its buds are ready to pop and in just a few days the new growth will be coming out in all its splendor. It was a seedling that I planted at our farm, brought in to town when it was about a foot high and planted it near the cart path on the #4 fairway when it was a couple feet in height. I kept the grass spaded away around its base and even hauled some water to in during its first summers. It's looking good today and one of the nicest trees on the Course. Thanks to Dale for taking the picture of Charlie and I and to Charlie for taking this one with the tree. 

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