Saturday, May 3, 2014

Branched Oak Farm

We had a most interesting visit with Carolyn to the 230 Acre Branched Oak Farm of Doug and Krista Dittman near Raymond, NE.  Branched Oak Farm is a fully functioning, certified-organic, grass-based dairy, specializing in creating farmstead cheeses. The Dittman's say they are "committed to preserving the land and creating farmstead products that are healthy and wholesome, free of chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. 
We take pride in knowing that our products are made with sustainable, certified organic methods, and with a positive impact on the environment". For the  past few weeks, Carolyn and Julie have been buying milk, cheese, etc . The Dittman's son Nelson who is a sophomore at Raymond Central HS took care of our purchases. It seems that Doug spent some time in Sweden on a student exchange program some years ago where he became interested in organic agriculture and Swedish architecture. He came back home some 20 + years ago, married  and along with their 2 boys, continue to develop an expanding business. It is interesting to Elaine and I that Carolyn and Julie are so impressed by the taste of the organic milk and cheese when we took many such things for granted when we were growing up. The current issue of National Geographic is largely devoted to food along with their commitment to follow up with further emphasis. While we have had Organic standards for some years, it seems that the interest in more healthy food is really coming into its own. And to think that as kids, we ate all these healthy things because we couldn't afford anything else.

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