Monday, May 12, 2014

Heaviest Rain in Some Time

We had some rain yesterday morning and the big rain during the evening and last night. Our gauge shows 4 1/2 inches but there were higher amounts reported around town. This was the first big rain we have had for a few years and is certainly a reminder of the need to keep protection in place and operational. Several storm sewers in the City's street system seemed to get plugged with debris, backing water up as high as "car windows" in one intersection. When we came home from Hughes last night, we drove through water nearly a foot deep at the bottom of the 5th St hill which was no problem but others resulted in stalled cars. Not all of the flooded intersections got closed to traffic in time by the City. Prior to this recent rain we were over 2" below normal but this has put us well ahead. It's somewhat reminiscent of the drought years that I remember as a kid. We usually had heavy rains in the spring but received very little in late July and August which was so critical for growing corn and soybeans. We have had much more timely summer rains in recent years .
We drove around town a bit this afternoon to see some of the high water. This is Inspiration Point down in the City Park that is being developed in cooperation with the Nebraska Game and Parks for a Handicapped Accessible Fishing Facility. The dock which accommodates wheel chairs is shown just to the left of the sign in the picture. The flood water is about 2 or 3 feet higher than the level that will be maintained for fishing. Plum Creek is at the eastern edge of Seward and the Big Blue River on the west edge. They join just south of town so we are not without flood water when we get such downpours. 

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