Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brother Donnie

There is something about this tough looking, lovable, dirty kid, that leads you to believe  he will grow up to be something special; which he did. He is my brother Don and has been my "Best Buddy" for many, many years. We are looking forward to having lunch with he and Gladys at the Village Inn on O street in Lincoln tomorrow. We try to get together once a month and often have a list of topics to discuss at such opportunities. We do a certain amount of communicating by email and telephone but not a day goes by but what I'm able to get some word on their family on facebook. He and Gladys have an outstanding family, and it is most interesting to be able to see pictures and read about things that their extended family is doing. We are planning a "Vrana Cousins" reunion in July when Janice and Larry will be here from California but no date has been set for a "Florence and Tony Vrana Family Reunion". We have talked about always having them in Seward where the Vrana-Milacek annual get togethers originated but now more family are in the Syracuse area. Last year many of us were here at our place at the time of my birthday. This will be one of the "agenda" items for discussion at lunch tomorrow. The election results will also be in by then so we may spend just a few minutes on that subject. It is interesting within families how politics can be a volatile subject. Within our Cousins we have some extreme views on either side of the spectrum. When our sister Vivian was still with us she had some pretty strong views which were difficult to refute even though I used to try. Politics aside, we might even have Pie after lunch tomorrow.

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