Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flowerday Sausage Grinder

A Kiwanian friend of mine who enjoyed a career with the Nebraska Game and Parks recently gave a program on Making Sausage. He and his G & P buddies would make it out of Venison and other wild and domestic animals. In light of Elaine's continued interest in "getting rid of some of this stuff", I thought he may be interested in the old "Flowerday Sausage Grinder". It is an "Enterprise Tinned Meat Chopper, #22"mounted on an old Oak table board. It hasn't ground a piece of meat in over 50 years but the fat and juices have kept it preserved in very good condition. Dave is interested in it but Elaine wants to check with family before letting it go. We took it out on the deck and did do some light cleaning. We checked on eBay and found a couple comparable. The cost of mailing one like it was $38.00. It is an old family heirloom but Elaine says she is satisfied to see it go.

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