Sunday, May 25, 2014

Progress for the Future, Memories of the Past

I took this picture from the Court House Dome about 10 years ago. It shows the Jones National Bank and Trust at the intersection of Highway #34 and #15 in downtown Seward, NE. JNB & Trust is completing a major rebuilding project on the site this summer. They have demolished the old two story building to the south of the Bank as well as the  Roller Skating Rink in the SW corner of the block. The Bank Building as shown here has been completely renovated and expanded. It is gratifying to see improvements made in our downtown area. However, it is well we have pictures of old buildings that were a part of many of our memories. C. S. Prime had a Ford dealership in the two story building years ago. I was 15 and with my folks when they looked at a used '37 Ford there one day.  Mother embarrassed me by suggesting it would probably be the car that I would drive when I started dating. The old Skating Rink is where we roller skated for the last time. I was in my later 50's and we were involved in a Church skating party. Elaine and I hadn't skated for many years and learned that my "center of gravity" wasn't where it once was. Elaine and I gave our skates to Et-Cetera soon after. Though the buildings are gone, we have pictures and stories to help stimulate our fading memories and progress is being made. 

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