Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Flowers

Elaine is receiving some well deserved recognition as Mother's Day approaches. Yesterday I brought in Lilac's for her and today she received this bouquet of beautiful yellow roses, daises and other mixed flowers delivered from a local flower shop. Plans are for the Seward family to get together tomorrow evening for a Mother's Day Dinner. After having been married for as many years as we have, I probably enjoy Elaine's gifts about as much as she does. 
Today was "City Wide Garage Sale Day' in Seward. There were something like 37 of them listed on a map and advertised and others where people just took advantage of the activity and set things out. We had planned to "register" this year when the date was first announced and then learned of a Lodge Meeting which took priority. 
We did walk across the street to one and to another in our same block but didn't buy anything.
We do hope to have one sometime this spring but it will take some "getting ready for" that is always a challenge. There are many things that sell pretty good on eBay but the postage cost tilts some items to the Garage sale market.
Our yard work today was limited to planting the Salvia we bought yesterday, placed well "digested" compost around them and doing some watering. We have one of our compost that is providing some of the best material we have ever produced. It is a mixture of our grass clippings and leaves, some soil and time to decompose. It is probably 3-4 year old material.  It is a dark black color and looks good around plants which will help to hold the moisture. 

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