Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Beauty of Nature

The temperature hit 90 for the second time this season and a light breeze made for a nice day. I picked Charlie up after lunch and we went out to the Golf Course, not to play but to hit a few balls at the driving range and the putting green. We also had an opportunity for  visiting. The course is in excellent condition as are the trees and shrubs. This field of beans, planted into last years corn residue is adjacent to the trail down to the driving range. It is pleasing to an old "Soil Conservationist" to see this type of minimum tillage and very little evidence of any soil erosion. The heavy rains we received with the Mother's Day storms created severe erosion on fields with little residue on the surface. 
Our flowering shrubs and Iris in the back yard seem to be on schedule of peaking for a May 30 Decoration Day rather than our earlier Memorial Day as set by Congress. We have moved Iris bulbs around to several locations during our years at this house. This is one of the nicest ones that we have and it has survived and thrived from a place that we actually just dumped some excess bulbs. Several years ago we visited an SCS friend after a retiree's breakfast where he gave us Iris bulbs. He never married and lived with his Mother for many years in the same Lincoln, NE house where he was raised. He was a Soil Scientist by training but an amateur Horticulturalist who propagated various strains of Iris. I'm sure that this beautiful Iris flower is the result of some of Ken's handiwork. 

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