Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tornado's - A Week After

It has been a week now since 17 tornado's struck our area in SE Nebraska. This scene is in the area 4 miles south of Garland and among other things destroyed this storage shed. The small town of Beaver Crossing had a tremendous amount of damage. Restoration there will being going on for some time
This is what some of the damage looked like in the Beaver Crossing area. It has been reported that over 350 people have been working there during this past week to help clear and cope with the damage. Over 400 Center Pivots have been destroyed according to reports. While it appears that replacements are available, the challenge will be to get them set-up and operational by the time they are needed. I don't know how this fit's in to the new "Nebraska Nice" theme but it has certainly been "nice" of many people to help others in time of need. 

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