Friday, May 30, 2014

Periodontal Problems

I am learning more about "Scaling and Root Planing" than what I ever wanted to know. This afternoon was my second session which completed the unpleasant process by a specially trained Technician. It was only her pleasant personality and professional, caring manner of treatment, that made it tolerable. A couple years ago after being unhappy with the special cleaning that preceded our regular 6-month check-ups, I just decided I wasn't going to the Dentist unless I had a problem. Well now it seems, "I'm paying the price". I understand that plaque builds up on teeth despite daily brushing. This plaque contains harmful toxins that inflame gums and causes them to pull away from the teeth and form pockets. These pockets can't be cleaned with normal brushing. Plaque which stays on the teeth can also build up and is called tartar. This can only be removed by the Scaling and Root Planing process. As a part of my first visit, she used a periodontal probe to measure the depth of the spaces between each tooth and gums. As pockets develop, these spaces can become larger but hopefully will be closed up by the Scaling and Root Planing process. I will be going back for just a check-up in about 6-weeks and have a couple cavities to be taken care of soon after that. Meanwhile, you can be assured that I will be brushing twice a day, with mouthwash and doing a better job of Dental Hygiene. There is a lot of comparison between the maintenance required to keep my old Buick running and that necessary for an old man. 

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