Monday, May 5, 2014

Retirees Newletter

I worked for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) for 32 years and have been a member of the Association of Retired Employees since retiring. The Agency was established back in 1935 in the USDA to provide technical assistance to farmers in conserving soil and water. The name of the Agency was changed to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in the mid '90's to reflect an expanding mission. The agency has had a work force of some 13,000  (+ or -) trained Civil Servants working in every County throughout the United States. I spent 10 years working at the County level, 4 years at the State level and 18 at the National level in Washington, DC. I was involved in the Personnel program during the years in DC and had an opportunity to know many people throughout the Agency. The Association of Retired Soil Conservation Employees (ARSCE) Newsletter is published by retirees every 2 months. The May-June issue which I read on the computer this afternoon contained 31 pages. It has reports from State Representatives with individual names highlighted. There was a time when I recognized a high percentage of the names but now I know very few. However, it's great to hear about old friends that I do know and of all the interesting things that retirees are doing.

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