Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aunts and Cousins

Very few of you who view this blog page will identify with this picture. I am the little boy with the white socks and Mother holding my hand as well as sister Vivian's. The other boys are cousins and the ladies are all Aunts. Lindy is next to Vivian and then are identical twins, Dick and Bob.  The Aunts are Dad's sisters (l-r), Anna,  Rose, Tillie and Dad's Brother John's wife, Anna. We went on to have several more cousins within 10-15 years of our age. We enjoyed "Family Reunions" while our folks were with us and have continued to have Cousins reunions periodically since. We look forward to getting together this year in early July when my younger sister Janice and her husband will be here with  from California.

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