Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Folks Retirement House

This is the Japanese Magnolia tree at the house where my folks retired in the mid '70's and lived until they died in the early '90's. I planted the Magnolia for Mother in the early '80's soon after we moved back.  When we lived in Arlington, VA we drove past one every day and admired it every spring as it bloomed so beautifully. I planted this one on the NE corner of the house and when the folks bought the house from the Folks' estate, they widened the driveway and moved the tree to its present location. I had also planted the Yew's in front of the house at the time of planting the Magnolia. However, the Pin Oak shown is one that my partner and I planted for Mrs.Mercer, the original owner back in the mid '50's while selling and planting for Nebraska Nurseries as a sideline from our regular SCS jobs. It was probably 30 years ago that the Pin Oak showed signs of iron deficiency. At that time Dad and I measured the circumference of the tree, 5 feet above the ground, and determined that it was 22 inches in diameter. Dad applied treatment according to that size and it has been a beautiful tree since. We drive past the place every Sunday going to Church and when I go to Kitone practice every Monday night and admire it every time. I'm very appreciative of the folks that moved the Magnolia. The place has been sold another couple times since then. 

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