Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kentucky Derby 1975

With the Kentucky Derby coming up this next weekend, I put these 2 glasses on eBay this evening. I listed them at $17.50 which may be more than anyone is willing to pay but that's about what they are worth to me. Tim was stationed in Louisville, KY in 1975 so we visited him and "clicked off an item on our Bucket List" by not only attending, but participating, in the Running for the Roses. Only "Special" people are able to set in the Grandstand so we were in the "infield".  The first race was run well before noon and the Derby wasn't run till about 4:00pm. A considerable amount of human dignity was altered with Mint Juleps during the course of the day. According to my Diary entry of May 3, 1975, "We were up at 7:00am, collected groceries, drinks, etc. Went to the Derby with Tim, Bill and Paula. Rode bus from the fairgrounds. Tim sized it up by saying, 'Never have so many drunken SOB's ever assembled in one place'. We had a $10 dollar win ticket on Foolish Pleasure (who won) but lost $5 on an Avatar ticket. " We did have a most interesting, once in a lifetime experience. The singing of The Old Kentucky Home before the Derby Race was run was my highlight.

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