Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Cross Makers

PeeWee and Le Roy are pictured here as they appeared in the Cross Makers booth at the Seward Spring Show this past Saturday at the Ag Pavilion. The "Cross Makers" are a group of senior citizens who have been making the Palm Crosses for about 5 years. They have expanded their "product line" to various sized Palm Crosses as well as larger crosses as shown on the table. This group of people have perfected the process to where their production is outstanding. They have been successful in having trees and logs given to them but it usually involves going out with saws and cutting them up. There are many steps in the process from raw logs to finished crosses and they do them all. I understand they have sent them to every state in the USA as well as many overseas. We recently sent one to a dear friend in Arizona who lost her husband recently. She was most grateful for receiving it. These fellows started out doing much of the work in the basement of one of their homes but about a year ago, space was given to them in what had been an old medical clinic building at one time. You can learn more about them at their web site: www.thecrossmakers.etsy.com. 

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