Friday, April 11, 2014

Flowers, Birds and 78 Degrees

Our 78 degree temperature and daffodils blooming at our front door, prompted Elaine and I to do some yard work this afternoon. We had cleaned up the leaves in the front yard a couple weeks ago so today it was the back yard that got "cleaned up". We also "rebuilt' our old Finch feeder. Our Finch feeders are about like our cars with our "new car" being an '02. Our new Finch feeder isn't quite that old but our old one certainly is. We took it apart and Elaine cleaned out the old Niger seed that was "caked" in the bottom. She scrubbed it and after drying out in the sun, we put it back together with strapping tape. We then filled it with new Niger seed and hung it on the clothes line cross arm. The "new" feeder is at the other end of the cross arm. We have seen several yellow Finch on it already.  I hope our old Black Crow doesn't discourage the Finch from eating. 

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