Monday, April 14, 2014

Dahms for Treasurer

With  at least one of the 6 Republican candidates for Nebraska Governor having already spent over a million dollars on his primary campaign, it is refreshing to see a home made sign supporting a local candidate. We also have 5 Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mike Johannes. It is unusual for two highly sought after positions to become available at the same time. There is only token competition on the Democratic ticket for the Governor and Senate seat. While the voter registration in Nebraska greatly favors Republicans, the State has a history of Democratic Governors and Senators being elected by "cross-over" voters in the General election. This could certainly be the case this year with the leading Republican Gubernatorial candidates being so critical of their primary opposition. It is also true of the Senatorial candidates but not to the same extent. We in Nebraska pride ourselves on our non-partisan Unicameral Legislature and for its operating procedures that minimizes party influence. Recent Supreme Court action lifting restrictions on financial contributions and their source, has certainly given more "clout" to Dollars and  diminished the importance of individuals. I will enjoy voting for Dahms because I know him, trust him, and know where his campaign funding is coming from. I wish I could say that about the other candidates. 

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