Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sadie, etc.

Elaine and I had the pleasure of taking care of Sadie for the first time yesterday morning. Both Julie and Carolyn had other activities which provided us the opportunity. She was with Elaine and I for over 3 hours and we had a great time. It included a walk in the backyard and learning the difference between a Friendly Fir and a Sprickly Spruce.  Elaine had a Beauty Shoppe appointment at noon so Carolyn enjoyed even more time with her out doors. We were supposed to have an Accordion Jamboree down at the Senior Center this afternoon which we knew Sadie would enjoy. Elaine and I went down as did Carolyn, Julie and Sadie. While the Jamboree didn't take place, a retired music teacher performed with songs, trumpet, and stories. It took Sadie a while to warm up to his music but before it was over, he had to tell her that he was supposed to be the entertainment. She brought joy to many Senior Citizens.
We had our first 83 degree day of the spring. In fact it was the first time over 80 since October 10 last fall. We like the warm weather but not the south wind that brings it to us. We need rain. I saw a sprinkler running in a neighbor's yard this morning. 
We are watching a Kansas City baseball game tonight for the first time this season and Alex Gordon got a "dinger". We closed out the basketball season last night by watching the U of Conn. Huskies win the Women's NCAA Championship. That follows their Men's win on Monday evening.
We also got our Income Tax mailed in today so all-in-all, it has been a good day in the neighborhood. 

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