Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sadie and The Masters

Our  "Little Buddy" spent much of the morning with us. While this isn't it, she did learn how to take a picture of herself sitting on my lap with the computer. I went to coffee while she was here but got home to put on some polka records which she thoroughly enjoyed. We also played some old DVD tapes where she sat on the coffee table to watch. We have kept a good supply of reading material on the table but after her "rearranging" it, decided to get rid of much of it. Some will go up to Ridgewood and the rest to recycling. We have enjoyed watching the Masters Golf Tournament this afternoon. We miss Tiger Wood being in it this year as he recuperates from back surgery. It is interesting to see how the void is always filled by the young guys coming up as the old fellows fade away. That also is the case with the old Eisenhower tree having succumbed to an ice storm and the forces of nature. I missed the name of the young man that was one under for the day who is only 20 years old. Bill Haas has the lead at four under with Adam Scott one stroke back. It appears that Scott could be a strong contender for that coveted Green Jacket.
This is Sadie's laptop "selfie"

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