Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jack Armstrong at 90

I took a Birthday Card this afternoon and went up to visit my old friend Jack Armstrong at the Greene House who will be celebrating his 90th birthday tomorrow. Jack and I are the only ones left of the eleven who were in the Garland HS Class of '42. I had skipped 6th grade so was somewhat younger than others in the class. My first memory of Jack goes back to August 15, 1935. His Dad ran the steam engine for the thrashing machine on Wagenknecht's "run" that was thrashing at our place. Jack and his Mother came out and told everyone at afternoon lunch that Will Rogers and Wiley Post had been killed in an airplane accident in Canada. Jack was in the Army during WWII and in the National Guard for 32 years. We played basketball and baseball with Garland and Seward for many years. Jack "grew up" in his Dad's Auto repair, machine shop, and filling station and spent much of his career as an Auto Mechanic Instructor in the Milford, NE Trade School. We always have a great visit--there are so many stories we can recall. I knew he still played baseball with Garland  during the years we were back in Virginia so I asked him today when he finally "hung it up". He said he didn't remember the year but it was after a game in Staplehurst where he hit 2 Home Runs off Bob Prokop. Jack has a great family, and I'm sure he will have a wonderful birthday celebration tomorrow.  Send him a card at The Greene House, 600 Church Street, Apt. 114, Seward, NE 68434; he will enjoy it. 

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