Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Flowers

These Jonquils are in a corner bed of Peonies  between our street and driveway. They are a product of "double cropping" in that they come up and bloom ahead of the Peonies "growth spurt". This picture was taken 3 days ago and by now the Peonies have completely overgrown the Jonquils. But what a delight they have been during their few days of glory. The Bradford Pears, and Redbuds are also having an exceptional spring. Forsythia and Flowering Quince haven't shown much. The Persian Lilac are blooming but they never are as showy as the French ones that come on later.
 We had 3 small tornadoes in the area yesterday but little damage was reported. We certainly feel for those people and communities  to the east of us where lives were lost with extensive property damage. I went through a tornado in Ankeny, IA some years ago and have no desire for such further  experience. We were in a condominium and as I blew out the candle in case it hit, the windows were blown out and the end of our building was blown away. Our hallway was filled with plaster and insulation from the attic but fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Experiences like that increases our appreciation of flowers. 

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