Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doc Winter

We went to a reception this afternoon at the Greene House for Dr. Byron Winter. The Greene house is one of 3 care facilities here is Seward. Dr. Winter, a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, has been an "institution" in Seward since graduating from Iowa State and receiving his DVM degree back in the early sixsties. He has been President of the school board, Church, Kiwanis and active on numerous other organizations over-the-years. Doc lost his wife a few years ago and has reached the point of closing out his house,  business and receiving some special care. His Red Poke-a-dot cap has been his "trademark" over the years. He has written a very frank "first-hand" record of his service during the Korean War.  We have enjoyed many of Doc's stories at Magazine Club, Kiwanis, Tri-C's and other organizations. He will enjoy himself at the Greene House as will other residents. Seward has been a better place during the past 50 years because of Dr. Winter's presence. 

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