Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tony Vrana on Horseback

We received around an inch of rain during the past 24 hours and today's temperature hardly made it into the 50's. It was a good day for cleaning out our old computer desk. I didn't throw much away but had a most interesting time looking at old correspondence, etc. back to 1994. Among my "findings" were CD's of Pictures that were downloaded from earlier computers. This is one of my Dad taken back in the mid-50's. The horse belonged to a Mr. Colburn who owned a farm where my sister and Eddy lived at the time. Dad enjoyed horseback riding and told of occasionally riding his horse  to visit Mother before they were married in 1920. They lived some 8 miles apart and he said the horse would canter all the way home. Dad would have been about 60 years old at the time this picture was taken and in very good condition. Dad made the transition of farming with horses to tractors without a "hitch" but he always loved his horses. Especially: Prince, Pat, Dick and Dan that he raised from Beauty. Soon after we moved back to his old "home place" in 1932, he would ride Beauty over to his cousin, Frank Moravec's  stallion at the appropriate time once a year and have her "serviced". He went on to teach them to lead and while two year olds, start training them to work by tieing them in between two old horses in a four horse team. Part of the training even involved a ritual of taking them to the water tank after coming in from the field and then holding them outside the barn until they "relieved themselves". Dad always believed that: "You have to always show them who's Boss". 

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