Thursday, April 3, 2014


We and another couple are hosting the monthly meeting of the Seward Magazine Clue tonight at the LaRuche Bed & Breakfast. The house was built by the Cattle Family over 100 years ago and served as their home for many years. It has gone through 4 ownerships since and was recently purchased by a lady with Seward connections who is doing some renovations and will open a Bed & Breakfast. As a co-host, my responsibility is to offer a toast to the new venture. This is what I plan to say: " Here's to the success of the LaRuche Bed and Breakfast. May it bring restful pleasure and enjoyable nourishment to the Guests while returning financial success to its owners. And, may the Guests of the LaRuche leave Seward with admiration for Bonnie, appreciation for this stately old house, and heightened memories of the Seward Community. "

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  1. A great toast! Where is this house - for some reason, I can't place it's location.