Monday, April 21, 2014

Seward Cleanup Day

Scott Willett with the Seward 1st Impressions Committee of the Chamber of Commerce led another very successful "Clean-Up" Day this past Saturday. Over 200 vehicles brought a wide variety of items down to the Wastewater Plant parking lot between 8:00-1:00pm where Clark Kolterman and a crew of his students from Seward HS helped Scott handle the traffic. A big thank-you also goes to Felhafer's from Utica that brought in the equipment shown in the picture. The machine is very versatile in that it can pick up items from vehicles, load them in the crusher, and than pick up the crushed "bales" and place them in an adjoining truck. The material is then all recycled. Electronic materials are handled by a separate crew apart from this machinery. We took down an old computer and the young people were right there to unload it out of the trunk. It's a good learning experience for the young people and certainly a plus for the community and the environment in general. 

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