Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring is Here

Elaine caught me spreading some 17-17-17 on our backyard lawn yesterday. We have had a lawn care service take care of it for the past 20 years but have had some concern with their care the past couple years. We just decided so see what we can do on our own. I have long since sold the little 2-wheeled spreader when we quit taking care of it ourselves. This old spreader that I'm using has a long history.  I remember of seeing my dad use it to "over-seed" oats  in winter wheat that had freeze damage. He also used it to seed sweet-clover. We used it about 30 years ago to seed some clover when we had our farm and at that time, Elaine sewed a new bag for it. We also used it during those years for seeding grass and spreading fertilizer. I don't know how our lawn will turn out this year and our care of it may be a 1-year experiment. The "Girls" spent some time with us too helping outdoors. We couldn't miss the chance to take a 4-generation picture as they were leaving.

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