Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Generations

Here is another picture from the CD-R that Phil sent to us back in '04. It contains 193 family pictures. This one was taken in 1938 at the Grandparents home in Bee, NE. Grandmother has Phyllis on her lap and Grandfather is holding Dale. My Dad has on sunglasses; he and Mother are holding Jerry and Janice. Bill Thompson has on a hat; he and Aunt Rose are holding Billie and Bob. Phil, George, Kenny and Jimmy are at the left on the picture. I am standing in front of Dad and Don is in front of me. Richard Olson and Vivian are also included. These were interesting times. Our Cousins were some of our closest friends. The Olson twins, Lindy and I were all within a year of the same age. It was at this stage of life that I became a NY Yankee fan. About the only Major League baseball games we could get on the radio was  the Chicago Cubs so I had been a Cubs fan. While visiting the Olson twins down at Crete one Sunday, Dick and Bob had Yankee posters all over their room. When they learned that I was a Cub fan, one of them suggested that if I rooted for the Yankees, I would be happier  because they won so much more often. I took that advice and have been a Yankee fan ever since. 

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